A Message from the President

anaheim, performing arts center foundation, dance, symphony, ballet, theatre, support, building, future, North, Orange County, entertainmentWill You Help Us Build the Future?

Born and raised in New York, I developed an early appreciation for the arts. My mother was the first person to introduce me to the infinite pleasures of live theater, ballet and opera. Theater belongs to a community as much as a museum, art gallery or library. It remains an excellent medium through which to educate. We must never lose sight of the profound impact the performing arts have on the quality of life for everyone especially our future generations. Fostering imagination and creative thinking helps children connect to themselves and their cultures. The arts can speak directly to their dreams and their anxieties.

The performing arts breathe life into a community with its impact going beyond mere entertainment. The marriage of the arts and business helps define and nurture the blending of cultures. Studies have shown that besides the powerful impact on the quality of life, education, enhanced employment and volunteer opportunities, a vibrant cultural community generates revenue for public and private sectors through increased spending on non-arts activities. We, at the Anaheim Performing Arts Center Foundation are creating our very own “field of dreams” with the philosophy that when we build a performing arts center in Anaheim we will have enriched the lives of all those who choose to come and experience the joy and magic of the performing arts.

I have always believed the arts are a treasure to be shared. Please help us share our art with the greatest treasure, our children. So as we look to the future we at the APAC Foundation hope you will play a leadership role in helping us to achieve our goal. Thank you on behalf of the APAC Foundation Board of Directors.

Linda Knohl