Art + Home Tour Prize Winners

Art + Home Tour Prize Winners
Art + Home Tour Prize Winners

Thank you to everyone who came out to the Fox Pointe Manor Art and Home Tour on Sunday, April 22nd!

Fox Pointe Manor Experience Giveaway Winners:
Week 1: Private Tour of the Weapons Room (C. Green)
Week 2: Start Your Own Art Collection (N. Hames)
Week 3: Private Tour of the Fine Arts Room (E. Lloyd)
Week 4: Luncheon at Fox Pointe with the Knohls (D. Jacobs)

Event Auction Winners:

Prize 1:  Angela Daily

Prize 2: Connie Vargo

Prize 3: Alice O’Keefe

Prize 4: Marsha Davidson

Prize 5: Edgar Gonzales

Prize 6: Julianna Kirby

And special congratulations to CJ Eastman who can now start her own collection with her prize of 3 match safes from the Knohl Collection. Her guess of 84 antique clocks on display through the tour was only one clock short!

If you were unable to attend or were so intrigued by the collection that you want to see more, please contact our office to schedule a private tour

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